Real life

Eak! Just turned a significant number birthday. Yuck!

Had fun, though, including free-form role playing wizarding, by accident due to some volunteering to help out a friend.  Had a great time, proving being open to new experiences is a good thing.

Am also writing again - working on the 10th Doctor Merlin fic.  I'm going to get as much as possible under my belt before I post any of it though, as I know how intensely annoying uncompleted fic is.
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Still alive... Sorta

Yes, I still breathe.  Work is beyond mad and my writing hasn't got beyond plot finessing.  Sigh.  I remember a time when I had a life.  I miss it... And this fabulous fandom.
10 merlin

The Myth of Merlin - Chapter One

Title: The Myth of Merlin
The Merlin Chronicles
Characters: Ten/Rose
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot!
Warnings: PG
Notes: Sequel/Prequel (it's Timey-wimey!)
The Mettle of Merlin and The Making of Merlin
The Doctor and Rose make an unexpected landing that is far more than it at first appears - they are cementing a past they have already lived the future of and making a myth.  History, when it has yet to happen, is a confusing, not to mention dangerous, thing.
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My little English heart is all proud and excited by the Opening Ceremony.  It was so very us! And so proud of the Queen for joining in the humour.


Which is impressive as me and sport? Match made in hell!!
Panic - inspired by a mug I saw


I've been dabbling - written a chapter and a half of the missing story in my Merlin series - 10 as Merlin.

Pleased with it so far...
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It's a miracle!

...I have finally finished the next (last?) chapter of A Clock's Dial.  Just need to give it the once over and then...

*passes out with surprise*
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