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This journal is a place to mount and share my Doctor Who fan fiction. I've been a fan since I was tiny, when Tom Baker was my Doctor, but I only felt compelled to write fan fiction when RTD split up the Doctor and Rose. After crying into a pillow for ages I decided I had to fix it. A monster writing frenzy began and has yet to abate!

Um - about me? Not very interesting, really... I'm English, born and bred. I work at a University, old enough to know better and for my Dr Who themed office to raise a few eyebrows, unreasonably affected by coffee and pretty much hyperactive even without a caffine injection. I have far more hobbies than I have time for, but have been told this is because I am an overachiever!


Icons Made by Me:

Like them? Great!
Want them? Um, would rather you only took those offered via my icon posts (use the icon tag to find them).

Resources used in icon making: screenshots and photos from After Shock, Time_and_Space, and BBC promo shots. Backgrounds of space from hubblesite.org or by me using Corel Painter X

My favourite thing in the world?

Dr Who, of course!!!

Dr Who COT winner

Dr Who COT winner
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Dr Who writer in a tardis award
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